Our COMENIUS-Project: Environment and Cultural Heritage


Since the beginning of the school terms 2000/01 we have been working together with our partner schools in Viarmes, Tobercurry and Rome on the subject of “Environment and Cultural Heritage”.


115 pupils in the age from 13 (in 2000) to 16 (this year) worked in classes and groups. In 2000/01 the main focus of their work were the school, the neighbourhood and our village, Clenze. In four project days the pupils introduced people, clubs, nature, families and houses. The results of their work were presented in an exhibition at the end of the school term and can be looked at on our homepage.


New groups were built in the second year of the project in 2001/02. Again the pupils had four project days during the school year. This time the district of Clenze was in the centre of attention. Pupils worked on regional specifics like mills, farming, RUNDLINGSDÖRFER and cuisine. Lots of photos were taken and texts were written that can be found on the homepage, too.


The last year of the project, 2002/03, was influenced by the “flood of the century” of August 2002. Our region is close to the river Elbe and lots of villages were flooded. Groups of pupils visited the area for three days and worked intensely on subjects like ecological, economical and political consequences. The results were presented in an exhibition and in the Internet.


The project work was completed by e-mail-contacts between pupils of the partner schools and project meetings.


Elke Schröter, Susanne Hilbig-Rehder

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