School term 2001/2002: Summary

In the project "Around the Cow“ pupils visited different farms in our district. They presented not only the living conditions of the cows but also of the people in the past and today. They made films, reports with lots of photos and found out much more about living conditions of milk cows in the villages. They even built a life-sized sculpture of a cow; using wire and paper-maché. This cow is still standing in a small recess of our school.


In another project the pupils visited the last two watermills of our area and were shown how they worked in the past and work today.


Special things are typical for special regions like “Brezel” or “Knödel” in Bavaria. But we have also specialities in our surroundings: “Schnellbrot”, "Hochzeits- suppe” (Weddingsoup) and lots of other things. All these recipes you can read on this website (Wendische Küche) and our advice: try it - it's very delicious!!!


In the fourth project you can learn a lot about “Rundlingsdörfer”. The groups visited a museum which shows everything about “Rundlingsdörfer” : how they came into being and also how they got their curious names.


(Daniela Skerra, 9a)

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