School term 2000/2001: Immediate neighbourhood

In this project there are 5 topics to choose from.


The first topic is the “Freetime in Clenze”. There was discussed, how we could improve the freetime options in Clenze. For example by a skating rink or with a revival of regular youthwork.


In the second topic, some pupils made a questionnaire, to find out how their grandmothers lived. You can look at the photos of the grandmas and their granddaughters and compare their ideas about everyday life.


The next project is "Clenze and its Surrounding Villages". There you can find information about villages in our district. You can read information or look at photos. For example: Bussau or Granstedt.


Another topic is "Our School". On this website you can see our headmaster, teachers and other members of staff in pictures and read texts. There are also pictures of the school, its classes and pupils.


(Jenny Watson, 9c)

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